About Pastor David Toulson

Pastor David Toulson, from Trinity Baptist Church, Goldsboro, NC
Pastor David Toulson

Pastor David Toulson and his family began their ministry here at Trinity in July 2010.  Pastor Toulson and his wife, Shelena, have been married for 27 years and have been blessed with four daughters, DiAnne (25), Jennifer (23), Victoria (21), and Brittany (17).  Prior to coming to Trinity, the Toulsons lived in Hartwell, Georgia, where David was pastor of Calvary Baptist church for 5 ½ years. 

David graduated from Bob Jones University in 1983 with a Bachelor of Arts in Bible.  Shelena also graduated from BJU in 1983 with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education.  In 1987, the Toulsons moved to Savannah, Georgia, where they both taught in a Christian school.  David also held the positions of coach, athletic director, music director, and youth pastor.  In 1993, the Lord moved the Toulsons to Philadelphia Baptist Church in Conyers, Georgia, where Pastor Toulson was the business manager for the church and school as well as a teacher, coach, song director, and speaker.  The Lord then changed the direction of their lives and sent them to pastor Calvary Baptist Church in Hartwell, Georgia before leading them here to Trinity in Goldsboro. 

Here is Pastor Toulson’s testimony in his own words.  “I am thankful for the Godly heritage that Shelena and I have, both having been raised in Christian homes.  I was saved at the age of nine when my father led me to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  After sitting under the preaching of my father for most of my younger life, I realized at age 16 that God was speaking to me and wanted me in the ministry.  Although, I was unsure at times what exactly God wanted me to do, I knew for certain that God knew best and had my life all planned.  I thank God that He truly directs our steps.”

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